New Sips Energy Efficient Homes

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New Sips Energy Efficient Homes

 New Sips Energy Efficient Homes from Sips Modular Homes provides the most exciting evolution in new home fabrication & construction technology for many years.

Manufactured under pre-fabricated computer-designed precision-controlled factory conditions, these New Sips Energy Efficient Homes provide a modern custom design versatility previously unheard of in any pre-fab modular kit construction.

However, there are many different styles of panel building systems out there. Hence, it is vital to determine what an energy-efficient home means to you and research them well before deciding if they meet your new home requirements.

Apart from reducing your new home’s carbon footprint see below for a further 8 great considerations why it is important to build energy efficient homes in Australia. 

Many years of research and development have gone into the Sips New Energy Efficient Homes building system, not just into the fabrication of the home packs, but also into the simplicity, ease, and speed of the construction process.

Each panel consists of a Bamboo Fibre Cement board on each side of a solid core EPS foam and a steel surround channel.

Where panels meet they are joined and screwed into a steel male adapter, so all fixings are structurally screwed through steel into steel providing enormous strength.

Our panels are standard for 2.7m or 3m ceilings and available in standard widths of 1100mm, 900mm, 600mm & 300mm. This range of widths allow us to use full-length panels on each side of any openings such as windows and doorways.

The panels are strong but light-weight and easily carried by 2 people and can be erected without utilizing a crane, by a small work team utilizing stepladders and battery-powered screwdrivers.

Top 8 Reasons to Construct New Sips Energy Efficient Homes In Australia:

Increased energy effectiveness

Our new sips energy efficient homes have an airtight envelope and can utilize a smaller air conditioner system, saving energy and money. Most of our homes reach a Nathers energy star rating of between 7 to 9 stars.

Improved internal air quality.

Reduced air leakage increases the control over the indoor environment, which leads to a healthier internal living conditions.


The New Sips Modular Energy Efficient Homes for Australia are engineer designed to a base standard of a Cat 2 Cyclonic. This SIP system is proven to be more powerful than traditional stick-built systems, supplying sturdiness and resistance to winds and seismic forces.

Labour cost savings.

Precut SIP wall panels are so much faster to erect with no onsite fabrication required and only 3 stages to a complete wall stand, conserving labour.

Waste decrease

The construction of a Sips Modular Home produces much less waste than conventional built homes, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

Robust and Durable internal and external Cladding

Our Bamboo Fibre Cement ( BFC) wall cladding provides a smooth internal finish that is far more robust and resistant to damage than plasterboard and the same cladding on the external is non-combustible and perfect for a modern rendered finish.The same cladding is insect resistant, water resistant and mould resistant.

Ease of fitting services

All panels have cavities in the foam from top to bottom for making it easy for your Electrician to run heavy duty cabling to fit power points and switches almost anywhere throughout the home.

Plumbing fitout is equally easy with steel channel cavities prefitted for shower fittings, where a 300mm face BFC board comes out and the flexible piping and taps are screwed to the steel channel and the face board refitted.

Aluminium Double Glazed energy efficient Windows & Glass Sliding Doors

These are quoted as standard for cold climate areas and Aluminium Framed Low E energy efficient glass windows and doors for warmer climate areas. Below you will see some plans and examples of some of our standard homes but we also specialise in building to your custom plans.

I hope this clarifies what you can expect from our new sips energy efficient homes building system from Sips Modular Homes, designed & built for Australia’s harsh conditions, so if you’re looking to build your new dream home or a comfy Granny Flat or Secondary Dwelling for parents just fill in the form on the contact page or give us a call to discuss your requirements.


Features : A 125 sqm Habitable, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, with a Media Room that could also be a  4th Bedroom and Double Lockup Garage.

Our new sips energy efficient homes with the Hip or Saw Tooth Roof options have proven very popular.

There are 4 different front Facades available and a very open plan Kitchen, Dining and Living Room, with a generous alfresco dining area at the back.


At 140 sqm habitable the Prestige provides a very comfortable home for the larger family.

Features : 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, a Media room that could also be the 5th bedroom, open plan kitchen, dining, living room, Double Lockup Garage, and Alfresco dining area.

Built-in robes for each of the smaller bedrooms and a walk-in robe in the master bedroom.


A slightly smaller 3 bed plan at 103 sqm. habitable area.
Features : 3 Bed/2 Bath, a porch entry into the foyer,
Double Lockup Garage, large open plan dining, kitchen, living and Alfresco Dining area at the back.

Hip or Saw Tooth Roof options, along with 4 different front facades.

Our energy efficient kit homes can be customised to suit your own custom floor plan as well.


Features : The Man Cave at 70sqm. habitable is a 1 -2 bedroom home with Double Garage, designed with the option in mind for future extensions.

This versatile plan can be a 1 bedroom plus media room or a 2 bed room home with Alfresco.

Or add the optional extensions as the family grows, to turn this into a large 5 Bed/2 Bath home, with media room and extended outdoor living area.

Available in Hip or Saw Tooth roof style it also offers the choice of 4 different facades or frontages.


The Noosa range of two story homes includes a 2, 3 & 4 Bedroom high set homes, all of similar design.

These consist of the 2 bed plan is Noosa 102 : 73.2 sqm. on the top floor and 11.3 sqm. on the ground floor.

The 4 Bedroom plan the Noosa 140 : 108 sqm. on top floor, 11.3 sqm. on the ground floor and a 21.6sqm. Alfresco on the top floor.

And the one shown below and at right, is the 3 bed/ Noosa 120.


Large 100sqm. per side 2 Bedroom + Multipurpose room or 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom attractive modern Duplex with Single Lockup Garage and optional Carport and optional Alfresco area.

An open internal green space Courtyard between the units is a unique feature of this design.
Stylish Duplex Designs to suit any Neighborhood.

Strong, Durable, Energy Efficient, Acoustically Quieter, Insect Resistant, Water Resistant, Mould Resistant with a tough harder to damage internal and external lining that is almost Impenetrable by Fire.

Sips Modular Homes Duplexes just make sense as the ideal rental property for the viability of your Investment Dollars.


Should you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.

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